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Rick Ridley
Rick Ridley, UK Heating Engineer
Category: UK Plumbing
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Experience:  30 Years on the tools, now retired, Ex CORGI
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I have a problem with a Worcester boiler in cold weather. It

Customer Question

Hi Andrew, I have a problem with a Worcester boiler in cold weather. It fires up for about 40 seconds or less and then shuts down this can go on for a few days until it works perfectly again. The thermostat is up, the controls are on, the valves and pumps work. The boiler is located outside, but we ruled out the condensate pipe freezing, (an engineer checked it and it was not even freezing cold when the problem occurred). We had the main cylindrical heat exchanger replaced (the initial diagnosis was that it was blocked and overheating). The boiler worked for a couple of days and the problem is still there. Someone also checked the cold water feed into a small black cistern in the loft and claimed to have cleaned the calcium buildup. The most annoying thing is that by the time an engineer comes (a few days after making an appointment), the boiler is often working perfectly well and nobody can find any fault. When the problem occurs the radiators upstairs are sometimes still lukewarm for days, whereas downstairs stone cold. Yes, and in such cases I also try to let the air out from the downstairs radiators, but only cold water comes out. Any ideas?
Submitted: 6 months ago.
Category: UK Plumbing
Expert:  Andrew Smith replied 6 months ago.

It sounds like poor water circulation.

Has anyone checked your pump?

Customer: replied 6 months ago.
Hi, Thanks for for your input. The the pump is working. I had a fifth plumber having a look today to confirm this. Any idea why the water circulation problems coinside with a relatively cold weather?

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