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Rick Ridley
Rick Ridley, UK Heating Engineer
Category: UK Plumbing
Satisfied Customers: 1561
Experience:  30 Years on the tools, now retired, Ex CORGI
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Rick, I ave an oil fired Worcester greenstar heat 12/18, I

Customer Question

Hi Rick,
I ave an oil fired Worcester greenstar heat slave 12/18, I started getting lockouts not long after an oil delivery early this year, my heating engineer couldn't get to me for two days so I removed the burner and stripped it, the pump was full of black bits so I stripped the whole thing, cleaned every last part of the burner, I ran the oil through the pipe until I ran clean then changed the inline filter and ran the oil to make sure it was still running clean then rebuilt it, it ran fine after that, I let the engineer come and told him what I had done but sill let him give it a once over as I had never touched an oil boiler before he said all was ok, I have had a lockout problem a couple of times since and each time I have cleaned out the burner it runs great for a couple of days then starts with the lockout problem again. I have just done the same thin again a week ago, the oil was clean and the pump was free of any dirt but I cleaned everything again and put it all together, the boiler ran fine for a week then the lockout started, I have since noticed once I have pressed the restart button hand got it going it runs fine whilst producing heating but once the heating cycle stops and the boiler is just on hot water it locks out again, it's as if has a cold start problem, got any ideas? Karl
Submitted: 10 months ago.
Category: UK Plumbing
Expert:  Andrew Smith replied 10 months ago.

Have you cleaned the filter inside the pump?

Customer: replied 10 months ago.
I have cleaned every last bit of the whole burner
Customer: replied 10 months ago.
Once the boiler has been restarted by pressing the lockout button the boiler runs perfectly well whilst it is delivering heat to the radiators but once the heating goes off on the programmer and the boiler tries to start to warm up water it locks out
Expert:  Andrew Smith replied 10 months ago.

Is it gravity fed - is the tank higher than the boiler?

Customer: replied 10 months ago.
Thanks Andrew, your replies are pointless and slow, at this rate I may get it fixed by Christmas, I have sorted it out myself

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