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We have been told that our water tank contains asbestos

Customer Question

We have been told that our water tank contains asbestos (less than 5% and undisturbed) and would like to get it changed. There is also a water pressure pump attached to the tank which we would also like to get replaced.
What would be a reasonable estimate of costs?
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: UK Plumbing
Expert:  Brian replied 1 year ago.

Hi Im really sorry we are not going to be able to give you a reliable estimate for this.

I can tell you a water tank that will fit through the loft hatch is about £150. The pump needs to be sized by your needs and costs also vary so much by brand, so I would not know without seeing the site That is the same with Labour it varies so much from county to county.

If you want the tank disposed of you may have to get a quote from a specialist company as well.

I think you would be better getting 3 quotes from local tradespeople. they wont charge you for a quote.

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Hi BrianI have some more information if that helps.The tank is about the size of half a door frame - it is located on the ground floor of the property. It is a two man job due to the weight of the tank. We have been quoted 1400 which includes the safe disposal of the tank as well as the fitting and replacement of a new tank and water pump. We would be fitting a 1.5bar showermate pump and a 50gal cold water tank.We weren't expecting such a cost for the tank, is it the specialist disposal of the asbestos that is the driver?
Expert:  Brian replied 1 year ago.

Hi yes thats very expensive. I would think that is due to the tank, they are perfectly safe if kept whole or simple precautions are used , they don't need any specific licence to dispose of them.

Perhaps a call to your local are authority to find out who takes asbestos they will give you a price on disposal. that way you will be able to assess how much they are adding on.

Forget the asbestos for a moment, I would think two people for a day £400.00, tank £100, pump £140, Pipe work add £60. Thats about what i would expect.