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How do I access and remove the mixer tap fitting in both the

Customer Question

How do I access and remove the mixer tap fitting in both the kitchen sink and the wb or washbasin up in the bathroom. The kitchen one looks corroded from what I could see of it using my digital camera and bits of rust falling off! The wb access is just as fiddly to get at and I need to change the mixer as the hot tap fitting is so stuck down that I am unable to change it without risk of fracturing the pipe. It doesn't have a shut-off valve in the pipe leading to the wb (the type where you use a flat screwdriver to turn it thru 90 degrees). The kitchen sink pipes both have turn off valves in their pipes. I have left it like this for two weeks since I was told that I could have got the whole brass fitting for either, but then later, I was told that they were now unobtainable from at least 4 suppliers. So now I only have access to one cold tap upstairs, that doesn't leak; for water!
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: UK Plumbing
Expert:  Brian replied 1 year ago.

Ok there is no easy way other than to climb under the sink with a set of box spanners and remove the nut if your lucky it will come off quite easy. You will need to turn off the mains cold water and depending on your hot water system the main feeds to your hot supply

This is the sort of thing i use

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Hi Brian,I have just viewed it at The Library computer. I have no computer to use at home.I have bought a set of double - ended spanners, 8 - 13mm. The kitchen single bolt fitting would not budge; having to pull it thru the sink metal unit to get at it properly. There are two isolating valves to shut off the cold water feed; one in the flexi-pipe (silver) and one below the big Tee of the Cu pipe that runs to it. The hot pipe only has a flexi-isolater and as you say I will have to shut off the hot supply feed. I was going to just pull out my wash m/c and access the main cold feed to the house thru a stop cock tap, that is hidden there. The bath/wb double 9mm bolt fittings came out almost with just hand - pressure. Problem is though, there are no isolaters for either of the two flexi-pipes; which are both connected to blue (I think is) Hep2O pipes. Another problem I've just encountered is that the silver - braided flexi - pipes in the kitchen are connected to (what I think is) a silver type of compression valve/fitting. My 22mm spanner is too small to remove it and my 24mm spanner is no good either. I will have to enquire at a Plumbers place for the correct one to buy for it. The Main feed to my hot water supply on my Vokera Compact Mini, is it obvious as to where it is?Regards Robert
Expert:  Brian replied 1 year ago.

I dont know what the vokera mini is.

If its a Combination boiler when you turn off your cold mains supply it will also turn off the hot.

If however you have tanks in the loft and a copper cylinder there may be a tap in the cylinder cupboard that will turn off the hot water supply.

If not you will have to turn off the cold mains water and tun a tap until the tank is empty.

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