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Category: UK Plumbing
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Experience:  16 yrs. experience as plumber, including full bathroom and kitchen installations.
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I have a vanilla 28e boiler with a h s a 3 valve with 4

Customer Question

Hi I have a vanilla 28e boiler with a h s a 3 valve with 4 wires blue.grey (brown and white )orange all so a cylinder thermostat danfoss atc with 3 wires and green and yellow with a room thermostat with 4 wires red blue yellow and earth to back plate and my boiler has 2 sets of wires coming out that r both blue brown and earth my manual says one of them to go to to terminal connectors pump which go straight to pump and the other wire to go to mains switched input And a programmer with a live and neutral and terminal no 1dhw off no 2 htg off no 3 Dow on no 4htg on there is only one mains going in to connection box brown to no1 on block which has 8 terimmnal blue to no4 and earth to no 5....I'm a full time carer foy my partner and am fitting a new kitchen so I had to move all wiring so I made a plan of it all and moved but have put in back and having a problem getting things to work I have tried to get a wiring plan but with no joy my partner is in kings hospital London and was trying to surprise her got nice kitchen in but have no boiler I hope u can help me with this I would b for ever grateful thank you email is ******************
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: UK Plumbing
Expert:  Brian replied 2 years ago.

hi Im really sorry you have a problem. plumbers tended to use any colour wires a few years ago and if you have got it slightly wrong then you will need to probably start from scratch and identify what actually is connected to where.

this is a typical wiring diagram you require