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Customer Question

sensor with controls for efficient condensing of boiler) - BOILER CHOICE:- for your comment:- VAILLANT EcoTec 824 (see below for our details). We are trying to decide what new combi boiler and controls/ accessories are worth spending money on? But reuse radiators
and pipes. ______________________________________________________________________________________ HOTWATER LIMESCALE PREVENTER on tap side:- How efficient are these? What is best protector? Water on the incoming side of plate heat exchanger (stainless steel)
is not protected , and liable to limescale. ELECTROLYTIC SCALE PREVENTER Salamander Sesi I read a review by a US chemical protector, which said: “in-line electrolytic protectors are only 50% effective.” I read 5 yrs ago, that: “there was no research published
and peer-reviewed, about how these work.” By a Dr of chemistry/physics. Makers of Sentinel Salamander Sesi Electrolytic Scale Inhibitor say: “Zinc ions generated by the Sesi device are incorporated into the growing limescale (calcium carbonate) to delay the
onset of precipitation and also change the crystal structure so that the modified crystals do not bind to each other and cannot adhere to the metal surface”. Fernox has stopped making polyphosphate protector, now recommend for us: Sentinel Sesi electrolytic.
- Is this good? Does it work? How? SHOULD I EXPECT TO REMOVE PLATE HEAT EXCHANGER, and clean with acid white vinegar etc, every 4 yrs? - Vaillant give it a 5 yr guarantee to be free of limescale, because they say: “the stainless steel plates allow the lime
crystals to be washed off the s/s“ Is this feasible? - Can hoses be connected, and acid pumped through in situ? Vaillant say this heat exchanger is very easy to remove. _____________________________________________________________________________________ DIRT
SEPARATOR/FILTER ON SYSTEM PIPE. - How necessary is this? If the system is 1981, and system water is well chemically protected, with Fernox F1 etc, - The system pipes and radiators have been well protected with protector, and thoroughly cleaned (34 yrs old
system). Microbore is not power flushed:- - 1) Flushing through several times with water from F&E tank, u/s= 2.5m above floor, and also with hose from mains tap into F&E down feed pipe. - 2) cleaned with Sentinel X400 non-acid cleaner, for 1 week, and flushed
clear - 3) cleaned with with Fernox DS40 acetic acid cleaner, for 1 week, and flushed to clear, 9 times. FERNOX TOTAL FILTER TF1 say:- “ a unique in-line filter which combines hydroclonic action with ...magnetic assemblies to remove both magnetic and
non-magnetic contaminants from system water...” __________________________________________________________________________________ WEATHER COMPENSATOR (external temperature sensor with controls for efficient condensing of boiler) - I read that this causes
the boiler flow to radiators to modulate down in milder weather. This causes the return to be cooler, and thus causes more efficient and cheaper condensing of the boiler. Vaillant 824 modulates down from 20.4-4.2kW output to CH. Is this right? Is it a good
idea to pay for this Weather Compensator? About £200 plus fixing ?£50, compared with price of a similar wireless normal programmer/room stat? - dedicated Vaillant wireless programmer/roomStat 470f with weather compensation. Seems to have some uneeded functions
eg:- - cylinder anti-legionnaires 60C weekly purge. - Solar HW supply controls - Are BOTH Exterior Compensator , and programmer/roomStat wirelessly connected to plug-in boiler receiver? - The building is high thermal mass, 500-600mm thick brick, with heavy
plaster on brick walls throughout, and ceiling, with concrete floor, (but with floor coverings), all causing less temperature change than a low thermal mass building. Is this a factor in choice? I am considering lessening the thermal mass with 10mm insulation
like wall-paper, because 45% of feeling of warm/cool is because of radiation from body to surfaces surrounding. - I realise that in Germany these Compensators have been required by regulations for 30yrs. That they may be needed when highly insulated homes
have minimal temperature change. - The large internal hall: temp is unchanging at about 18 deg C, and rooms about 17 C. _________________________________________________________________________________ Yours ***** ***** ***** ***** RIBA retired, T 020
7813 9086 Flat 47 Lissenden Mansions, Lissenden Gdns, London, NW5 1PR E***@[email protected]
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: UK Plumbing
Expert:  Brian replied 1 year ago.

Hi Mr Edwards I will answer the first two questions for you firstly these items are normally required as part of the warranty on a new boiler.

The Electolytic Scale reducers do seem effective but the best type in my opinion are these.

They guarantee you are scale free or they will descale your heat exchanger.

Always installed before the plate heat exchanger. If there is enough space on the rising main install it there and have whole house protection.

A Magnaclean or fernox equivelant is very good at picking up any mettalic debris in the system I would definitely use one due to the reduced size in waterways on new boilers now days. Plus as I stated this does sometimes form part of the warranty stipulation.

I am sorry I don't know enough about weather compensators to offer any advise or opinion.

Best regards


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