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Nissan/Datsun Terrano: I have a Terrano RM3R 2.7L Diesel turbo,

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I have a Terrano RM3R 2.7L Diesel turbo, 1995.
I'm getting a flashing engine light and low power (actually more like low revs). Suspect it is in 'get you home mode' due to a sensor condition. Found someone with an analyzer who says its a sensor at the front of the engine. He only knows it as a 'peaker' It's behind the fan to the right. It is some sort of magnetic sensor, so I guess it is either monitoring the cam chain or looking for metallic content in the oil. I would have thought that if it sensed a problem with the chain it would immobilize the engine. I'm in Uganda so expertise is limited here and the guy told me it is because the service is overdue. Is this likely? There don't seem to be replacement sensors in town. Would appreciate an expert opinion before spending too much money on an old car!



Hopefully i can help..


Did he get any kind of "fault code" when they plugged in the machine as this would help determine what sensor they are refering too?



Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Sorry for the delay. I had to get it retested.

2 codes listed. 0034 Needle lift sensor, 0043 Accel Pos sensor.


I think someone has been messing with the accelorator to try and get more power. The back stop seems to be missing which may be cause of the second code. Suspect the 0034 is the problem

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Some more info:

I disconnected the +ve side of the battery and put it to ground for 20mins. When I reconneced it I put the jumper on and got the same 2 codes as before, 34 & 43. (been looking on the web)

Hi..sorry for delay..

Yes 43 or p0120 is the pedal position ideally if you havent checked this already is the Harness or connectors(The sensor/switch circuit is open or

short-circuited or fault in itself.)/Accelerator position sensor/Accelerator position switch.

The other code 34 or p1242 is the needle lift sensor actually built into the number 1 injector so as to sense your fuel injection timing. It is sent as a pulse signal to the ECM for feed-back the actual fuel injection timing and calculating the secondary engine speed so again a check/trace of the harness/connector and wiring.failing that you'll likely need another number one injector fitted.not too uncommon for these to fail

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Thanks for that. I'll investigate.

Is the pedal position sensor likey to cause it to go into get-you-home mode?

Also the ticket from the analyser says '34 - needle lift sensor' but most fault code lists I've seen say that 34 indicates a knock sensor. Is the analyser code right for the Terrano?

Is there a way I can reset the engine light once the problem is resolved?



From what i gather the engine doesn't have a knock sensor usually these are more common on petrols than anything else,so this is most likely why you can get one or source one for this far as i can see 34 is the needle lift sensor 2 "incorrect signal" either wiring the sensor itself or air in the fuel system so check fuel filter or replace even just to rule it out as sometimes a blocked filter can or may cause this kind of fault. and reprime the system using the manual primer pump and se if that improves anything - don't see any code for knock sensor bar 37 - so i dont think the analysers wrong,

I have this below for erasing the engine light

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