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My w reg 2000 micra has power loss up hill in 3rd gear..burning smell

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My w reg 2000 micra has power loss up hill in 3rd gear? ok down hill, can be poor on the flat as well, there is a burning smell when i stop.

If you're getting an apparent power loss accompanied by a burning smell it could be that either the clutch is slipping or the brakes are binding.

If the engine seems to need a lot of rev's to pull away from a standstill then its likely to be the clutch.

Or if its the brakes then check that all the wheels can be turned freely by hand, and free off any sticking calipers
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
I thought it may be the brakes but it is only noticable up hill & not when i pull away?

It rather sound's like the clutch is just starting to go, so you can drive around on it but as soon as you put in under some real load it'll slip.

The only fix is a replacement clutch I'm afraid
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