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Ted Wood
Ted Wood, Technician
Category: UK Nissan
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hi I have a nissan terrano 2 , when start cold idle rough and

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hi I have a nissan terrano 2 , when start cold idle rough and in a few minites of idleing it cut out. The engine managment is on and no.34 codes coming up. Would the no one injector with the sencor cause that problem?


I think I am right in saying that Code 34 is related to Knock Sensor failure. There is a possibility that this would course your poor running, stalling fault depending on what the fault with the knock sensor is.


The wire on No 1 Injector is a lift sensor. It tells the Control Unit how much the Injector has lifted of its seat, I think it unlikely to be the cause of your symptoms.


I think due to the complexity of the system I would recommend having the Engine Management Control unit Interrogated for faults and also a live status check carried out when the vehicle is cold to make sure all the cold running information and settings are correct.


I hope this is of help to you, if you need any further advice or help please don't hesitate to ask.


Many Thanks, Ted


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So if my advice was helpful please accept. Thanks again.

Customer: replied 8 years ago.

Hi Ted thanks for replying .

The knock sencor might be the problem, but on the nissan terrano 2 where exactly would you find the knock sencor.



Htanks Heze

Customer: replied 8 years ago.

Sorry Ted, the terrano is 2.7 TD, do you mean the crank sencor, which is located in the bell houseing of the gear box?



Thanks Heze


The Knock Sensor is usually placed between No 2 & 3 Cylinders in the Cylinder Block (not in the bell housing). Its job is to detect premature detonation and adjust Injection timing accordingly. So as you can see if this Sensor failed, only when the Engine was cold, it's possible that it would affect the Injection timing and as a result cause rough running.


The other thing to bear in mind though is if something else, like cold start idle control is causing the rough running and stalling, then this may well cause premature detonation and register the fault with the Knock sensor. This would mean there is nothing wrong with the Knock sensor.


I am afraid this is not a simple fix; this is why I think it would be best if the Engine Management Control unit was interrogated for faults and set up problems. This can save time and usually money in the long run.


Again I hope this explains things and if you still need help just ask.


Thanks again, Ted

Customer: replied 8 years ago.

Hi Ted. No this enigine does not have a knock senor, but has a crank position senor, which is located in the bell housing. Could that be the problem?




Hi Heze


It is possible that the Crank Sensor would cause your faults but it could also be a number of other components. Just changing the Crank Sensor would be a guess. If this did not fix the problem, then its back to square one and guess again, this is why I recommend having the Engine Management Control unit Interrogated. This will at, the very least, eliminate some components and narrow down the search for the faulty one.


This really does save time and usually money but you do need a competent Garage. If they just plug it in and say there are no faults then find another Garage.


Regards, Ted

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