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We signed a 2 year contract with a company for sponsorship

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we signed a 2 year contract with a company for sponsorship however the company did not deliver the results they claimed they would, we lost interest after 6 months and put it down to a bad decision however there was a condition in their contract that the contract would roll over for another 2 years unless we gave them 6 months notice to terminate. We had not picked up on this after exactly 2 years we received out of the blue an invoice for the next 2 years.
As we had told them we were unhappy with their performance and received no correspondence from them until the invoice arrived we assumed the contract was finished. Can we dispute the roll over?

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So when you say you lost interest after 6 months, had you explicit told them that you no longer required the service and if not, what was the outcome of your conversation at the time?

Customer: replied 2 months ago.
We complained but they did not answer no one of authority would answer phone to us

OK, thank you for your response. Leave it with me for now and I will review the relevant information and laws and get back to you at the earliest opportunity. There is no need to wait here as you will receive an email when I have responded. Also, please do not respond to this message as it will just push your question to the back of the queue and you may experience unnecessary delays. Thank you.

Thanks for your patience. Whilst your assumptions do not mean that you can get out of the contract, you could try and dispute it over the services they have offered. Therefore, the fact you have told them you were dissatisfied and there was no reply, will not get you out of this contract - this does not amount to a cancellation. You should have taken formal steps to issue them with notice of termination as per the terms of contract.

What you could do now is challenge the services they provided, for example if they have not delivered what was promised under the contract. Another option is to refuse to pay them and take a risk of whether they will go to court to pursue you. They may threaten you all they want but until they go to court and win they cannot force you to pay. So you could take your chances - they may never actually go as far as court.

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