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My friend has changed the use of a barn from disused

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My friend has changed the use of a barn from disused agricultural use to sports training hall.
Retrospective planning permission allows him to do this butbrestricts the activities to sports training. (There was prior permission to build holiday homes, but he has not done this.)
These are restrictions prevent him from hiring it out for wedding receptions and conferences as he had hoped so othe prospect of recouping the investment is very slim or will take years.
He has spent 10s of thousands of pounds.
He has not told the mortgage company he has changed the use. I am telling him to do it. But he is reluctant saying that all tbey care about is that he keeps up the payments.What should he do?
Customer: replied 5 months ago.
I mean, shoild he tell the mortgage company?

I doubt that by changing its use the mortgage company would care so long as the repayments are kept up to date. However check the mortgage offer as it could have been worded in terms that any change must be notified to them - it's their building until the mortgage is repaid so I'd advise he checks the mortgage terms

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