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Urgent - Criminal Law help. I have been charged with an

Customer Question

Urgent - Criminal Law help.I have been charged with an offence. However at the time i was interviewed in January 2015 no actual charges were put to be in relation to something they are saying occurred in october 2014.I had a firm alibi at the time! CCTV would have exerted me if they had asked for it. They are now charging me 2.4 years later in April 2017!!!! The cctv was irrefutable proof. The place where i worked had CCTV that would have lasted up to 6 months, so if i was asked in January 2015 or charged even i could have given them it!What in law can i show or say that i am now extremely prejudiced??? i have 4 witness statements giving in my alibi in any event but the CCTV would have been case closed shut!
Submitted: 3 months ago.
Category: UK Law
Expert:  Jo C. replied 3 months ago.

Hi - what were you charged with please?

Customer: replied 3 months ago.
Hi JoRegulatory law and compliance issue. I have all that part covered. They are saying its not criminal even though the charges they have charged me with cannot be classed as anything else but criminal. If its not dropped it going to a tribunal. Can you please try to address the above issues. Is abuse of process and stay of proceedings something we can say now or is that only used in mitigation??? Other people have committed perjury and i think perveting the course of justice. In their witness statements they have signed off with the criminal statement of truth. Therefore if they have lied in these - and i have irrefutable proof that they have - can i report them to the police? and to the other side who are basing a prosecution on what they are saying? I have read that Perjury and Perverting is indictable only. Does that mean the fact they have lied now is not valid?? does it have to go to court and then statement said on oath? in a crown court only? it says perjury or perverting in the course of judicial proceedings. Surely that is at any stage? e.g. witness statements?
Expert:  Jo C. replied 3 months ago.

Sorry but I'm not sure what you mean?

I'm not really sure what your question is and I will need to know the charges?