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I am in the US. I am endeavouring, so far without success,

Customer Question

Hello, I am in the US. I am endeavouring, so far without success, to learn if and when laws changed relative to criminal cases as of the 1950s.
My impression is that a statute of limitations existed for all crimes at one time. When did historic prosecutions become legal? During the c. 1950s-1999 (in England and Wales) corporal punishment was not just legal but the norm. Now, I have been told, historic prosecutions for child abuse exist. This means that expost facto no longer exists, at least in some cases under current British law.
Other changes to, to use the American term, the Criminal Justice System, include a reduction in the size of juries from 12 to a lesser number; the admissibility of heresy evidence; as well as other changes to defendants' rights. When did these changes occur? I thought that it was under Tony Blair's Government.
Finally, were would I find information on becoming a solicitor/barrister in the 1940s-50s.
Submitted: 9 months ago.
Category: UK Law
Expert:  Nick H replied 9 months ago.

Hello - Very sorry but you have a little more than a Masters Programme LLM to explain all this.