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Dear Ben - I am an Australian citizen and resident in Sydney

Customer Question

For Ben Jones:
Dear Ben - I am an Australian citizen and resident in Sydney defending a MCOL made by an ex employee in London who is claiming employee entitlements. We are in dispute over the amounts and in addition to the Claim which is the subject of a Hearing on 25th Oct he is holding company equipment as "lien" against his Claim.
I have been trying to deal with the Court via email and telephone without success. I have tried to lodge a N244 Application to have the Claim struck out die to non compliance of Orders yet the Court will not lodge unless I ring and pay a fee but they don't answer their phone - literally.
I am now running out of time and trying to work out how I can defend myself. I am prepared to brief a firm but as yet have not found one.
Do you have advice how I can have the hearing postponed to allow me time to get an Application lodged and / or brief a local firm?
Submitted: 12 months ago.
Category: UK Law
Expert:  Ben Jones replied 12 months ago.

Hello, thanks for requesting me - unfortunately this is a question which is not within my area of law. I will open to it to all other experts and someone will hopefully pick it up soon. Please do not reply to this as it will just lock the question back to me. Many thanks

Expert:  Nick H replied 12 months ago.

Hello David - the timing on this is worrying. I would recommend instructing a firm close to the court.

The Law Society website will help you on this. In more recent times the courts have been much harder

to contact. It may be that since this appears to be an Employment issue that you could ask for the claim to be

transferred to the Employment Tribunal. At this stage it would be worth talking to a local solicitor. They can attend court

if necessary and hopefully prevent a County Court Judgement being recorded.