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I am a licenced London taxi driver and currently rent my

Customer Question

I am a licenced London taxi driver and currently rent my taxi from a fleet operator. When paying my taxi rent today I was handed a Parking Charge Notice by my rental company issued by MET parking services for a 22 minute overstay in the McDonald's car park in mondial way, south Hayes UB3 5AR, where I now understand the maximum authorised stay is 90 minutes. I have had no communication with MET, not have I admitted to being the driver. My rental company have not contacted them either and the parking charge notice is addressed to 'Mr Cabstop 1' (Cabstop being the rental company and registered keeper. I was not actually aware of any parking restrictions at this restaurant, although I assume they must have the requisite signage up, I've certainly neither seen it nor read it, otherwise I wouldn't have stayed so long! I presume I must have nodded off after a coffee or something but I certainly wasn't parking up waiting for a fare - that's why we have a feeder park at Heathrow. I never rank up at the airport, but I often drop into this MacDonalds for a coffee before heading back in to London, so can only assume I nodded off for a bit, but have no recollection of staying this long. I don't disputed that I did overstay (there being photographic evidence to attest to this) but I wasn't aware of any signage and this PCN is the first I time I've been aware of any parking restrictions in place at a MacDonalds...
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: UK Law
Expert:  F E Smith replied 1 year ago.

You say that you assume they have the requisite signage. Do they?

Meanwhile, I can tell you that if they pursue this, these charges are enforceable not against a driver but the registered keeper.

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