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This is landlord tenant england, the landlord made me a

Customer Question

this is landlord tenant england, the landlord made me a tenancy agreement of 3 months, now i am living more than 3 months in the house, and the landlord say he go to live in one of the room, previously he wasn´t living in the house, it is a shared house. the landlord gave me the deposit which he never put in a scheme, can he move now to the house to live in one of the rooms ?
Submitted: 11 months ago.
Category: UK Law
Expert:  Michael Holly replied 11 months ago.

how many other tenants share the house as well as you but not including the landlord??


Customer: replied 11 months ago.
Hi Michael, thanks to answerwe was 6 tenants, LANDLORD NEVER LIVE IN THIS HOUSE,
the owner is the wife of the man who is giving tenancy agreement.s He give tenancy agreement that say tenancy agreement in shared house with furnitures, but now the man want to rent to a family, only a family in the house and he want all leave the house, 3 person who live in a room, a family have left yet, and the other 2 say the will leave soon.
THE LANDLORD SAY HE IS MOVING INTO A ROOM TO LIVE THERE, I have my knee broken I can't look for new places to rent a room, then I will not move.
IF THE WIFE IS THE OWNER, CAN THE HUSBAND DO TENANCY AGREEMENTS ? He did that kind of tenancy agreement of 3 months, I believe he can't evict me because it have expired, the 2 of September it was 3 months ? he did not protect my deposit, but he gave me back in september, CAN HE EVICT ME WITH 21 S NOTICE _? OR HOW. but the most important is if he can move into the house, he want move to give problems, can I force him to write me a letter, or text message 24 hours before he come. and he will create me problems, shouting, aggressive, how can I prevent this? thanks
Customer: replied 11 months ago.
hi michael will you following answering me this ?