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I have recently been found guilty in a magistrates court

Customer Question

i have recently been found guilty in a magistrates court trial for assault by beatings on my wife and daughter, i am at my wits end as the incident has been altered by my partner and my daughter, my daughter attacked me and clawed my face causing my facial injuries, my partner was in between us at the time, i asked my daughter to stop telling me to shut up and if she did not she was to pack her bags and leave , it was at this point she attacked me pushing past her mother , i pushed my partner away from danger and in doing so allowed my daughter to reach my face, i took her to the floor to restrain her and to stop the attack continuing on myself, she was fighting to get to me , once i had over powered her which was around 10 seconds i let her go, i went to the police station the next day to report my daughter for the attack but after a discussion with a police officer i could not continue as i did not want to as i am a father and did not want my daughter to have a criminal record, 5 days later i was arrested for assault on my partner and daughter, my partner said i put my hand on her neck and my daughter attacked me because of this, my partner has no injuries, my daughter made this complaint some 3 days after the event , my daughter took photos with her mobile phone and handed them into the police station some 9 days later, the photos is of such bad quality i could not see any injuries, she has separated her hair in such away that it looks like she has a small bald patch the size of a small finger nail, in the magistrates court it was shown that charlotte my daughter was the aggressor and i still lost , the court said i used excess force ? my partner made her statement some 5 days later , by pushing my wife out of harms way was the assault charge, my partner found out i had been to the police previously and told my daughter and she then went on to report this incident, i have no previous convictions for violence , i have been with my partner for over 36yrs, my partner has admitted to me that she had to protect my daughter , please help what can i do, i have appealed and is now going to crown court,
Submitted: 11 months ago.
Category: UK Law
Expert:  Stuart J replied 11 months ago.

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