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I was intrigued by a comment made by Barrister Jo C. In

Customer Question

I was intrigued by a comment made by Barrister Jo C. In response to a query about travelling abroad on holiday whilst under a Suspended Sentence Order, she said, " From probation point of view unless you have links with any other jurisdiction and limited community ties in the UK they would not have a difficulty with you going anywhere as long as you get permission."Is this to suggest that having links in another country is actually a negative and may cause Probation to reject an application to travel? Also, having few links in the UK is similarly detrimental?I am under a SSO for 12 months from My 12, 2016; obviously, I have only 'done' less than 3 months of this, however, I have already completed my 100 hours' community service and paid my Court fines. I have no family in the UK and few friends and have been unemployed since last October, first on Jobseeker's and then on Employment and Support Allowance (for unfitness for work). I also collect Housing Benefit from the local Council, but this does not cover my rent and I will need to move very soon and the Council has no Housing available for me. All of my family and friends and my girlfriend are in Canada and they can support me. I am both a UK and Canadian citizen and carry passports from both countries.Ideally, I would like to move home to Canada permanently, but would be satisfied with an extended visit/holiday. I have a good record completing my requirements and of returning to the UK, given that between the time of my arrest and my Court date, I was in Canada already and returned to face the music, not wanting this hanging over my head.Thoughts?Thank you.
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: UK Law
Expert:  Stuart J replied 1 year ago.

I dealt with this on the other thread. Please ignore this one.