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Dubai/Saudi Arabian Law question

Customer Question

Dubai/Saudi Arabian Law question
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: UK Law
Expert:  INC replied 1 year ago.

What is your question

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
thank you for your reply.. please allow me a moment to draft my question.
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
My best friend is U.S. Expatriate basically being held prisoner in Saudi Arabia by his employer (sponsor). He has worked there since 2013 without incident. Then in February of this year, following an ‘anonymous’ tip to the company audit hotline, accusing him of forging documents (from the U.S.) when he was hired, whereby he received monetary entitlements. (The allegation are a completely lie, and had previously been vetted prior to them leaving the united Sates).The company auditors questioned the employee regarding the matter, and the employee simply answer the questions. Two weeks later the employee was fired claiming “article 80”. No information was given as to why or what information was problematic, nor would they provide a copy of the document that was required to signed and the employer said they were not required to do so. it then became a secret of some kind.As per the contract the employee would be entitled to end of service. or so we thought?Weeks following the termination, the Employer made several seemingly blackmailing attempt to get the employee to go with the employer to the police station. Stating (verbally only) that the employee owed monies, however they would never say what for…and until now the employer has refused to give the employee anything verbally or in writing at all.My friend then went out and retain local Saudi lawyer. The local lawyer advised him to ignore any request to accompany them to the police unless it is a written request directly from the police with a time an date. In addition, the lawyer responded via email to the employers request that the employee visit the police station with an email message stating the employer to discontinue blackmail threats / tactics or he would file a claim of harassment against them. Since then, the employer has made no more such request.Employee’s steps taken:
1. He went out and retained local attorney and they filed a labor claim.
2. He reached out to the U.S. embassy, however the embassy says that it's a civil matter and that they don't get involved.
3. He reached out to the US Congressman.Employer’s actions:1. The employee was terminated the 1st week of March.
2. The employee is with his family, and has not been paid since February, no health insurance, pulled children from school.
3. The employer refuses to grant the employee an exit visa.Question:
1. At this point is my friend at risk of being arrested / detained for an allegation of forged documents? (by the way, he has the original documents, and has received authentication certificate from the saudi embassy in the united sates)
2. Can the company present any evidence to the 'ANY' court that the employee has not had a chance to defend himself against?
3. What kind of compensation can he get?please help