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The house adjoining our semi is owned by a private landlord,but

Customer Question

The house adjoining our semi is owned by a private landlord,but leased to the local council and used to house all sorts of tenants ( twenty up to now)for short or longer terms.we have been subjected to drug dealer ,addicts,loud music,swearing,drunkeness,police visits at all hours of the day.this problem has been going on for 12 years or more. Both myself and my neighbour who lives the other side of this house have had to tolerate all this for too long,we have both contacted our council who do not seem interested in our problem.our properties have been devalued as a result of this and have become wife was forced to give up work after being diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome and my colonic movement disorders so needs to get her we are now oap's we feel that this house should not be used for this purpose. Do you think we have a legitimate case against the council for being put through this ordeal for such a long period ?. Best regards ***** *****
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: UK Law
Expert:  Michael Holly replied 1 year ago.
Dear *****Whether this house should or should not be used for this purpose you may still have a claim against the council.However, you will need to be patient and build that claim. Start to keep a diary of all and any incidents. Canvas your neighbours see if they feel the same way. Log police attendances etc.Make sure that you do complain to the LA using their complaints procedure and galvanise your neighbours to do the same thing.You need to contact your local councillor not the council. There is a big difference, and your local councillor should go into bat for you.I hope this helps please reply if there are further points and I will be happy to respond .Best wishesMichael