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I was the chair of the PTA and school governor - during this

Customer Question

I was the chair of the PTA and school governor - during this time I also did the books for the PTA. I have failed my duty and the books are a shambles! There are some descrepancies and the receipts are missing. Anyway the head has said that its breach of trust and insisted I stood down immediately which I did.! I have now discovered that she has reported me to the police. This was around a week ago and I haven't heard anything else. I asked the head of she had heard anything and she hasn't replied to me via email for 3 days. I'm presuming this maybe because she has been advised not to contact me. There is around £800 I think she is questioning, she has never once accused me of anything criminal and has said she doesn't think that I am a theif or stolen anything:! She does however, suspect that I may have used the money openly and paid for things that we didn't have the money for in hindsight.
I didn't bank any money for ten months however i did give all the money back to the school as soon as i was asked for it
The thing is i have told so many lies trying to cover the fact that I didn't back the money - not because i wanted to keep it but just because I didn't want people to know that I had acted stupidly!!
I am now petrified that the police will come and arrest me and take me away and charge me with some serious crime that I wasn't even aware that I was commuting.
I am very scared and what do you think will happen to me?
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: UK Law
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Does it matter that I am in the uk and I have asked a question here!? I thought it was a uk site or am I getting confused?
Expert:  Jo C. replied 1 year ago.

Are you asking what the sentence will be?

Obviously I cannot say whether or not they will report this.