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I have got two cases B6QZ6D9P and B1QZ247J against Mr

Customer Question

I have got two cases B6QZ6D9P and B1QZ247J against Mr Rowan Hines represented by his father in law a famous local lawyer named Mr Brian Burges. The cases concern unpaid rent and are straight forward. The judges of Tameside are an acquaintance and maybe personal friends of Mr Brian Burges, the father in law and representing of the defendant. I am myself a French national with a limited knowledge of the legal system representing myself against a professional lawyer. 1 - Considering that the judge have strucked out my case of B1QZ247J now twice: - 1st time without hearing: because it does not seem to be a small claim case (it is a claim for rent arrears so how can’t it be a small claim ?) - 2nd time because I was 8 minutes late due to the my poor driving and the froze, my claim has again been stroked out at 10h01. As the claim is straightforward and perfectly documented, the defence is unsupported. My presence is completely unnecessary as it concerns events that I haven’t witness myself. I would expect the judge to be able to pass a judgment without my presence. Also, during the set aside procedure, the defendant did not show up, we waited 20 minutes. I have paid the £50 (again) to have reinitiate. 2 -During the application to set aside, the judge refuses to judge the case (which is straight forward) and tries to intimidate me by saying that I would have to pay heavy fees to Mr Brian Burges the father in law of the defendant (the case is a small claim of £1700 for rent arrears). The county court of Tameside is a very small court with only two of three judge who have met Mr Brian Burges hundreds of time and they seem to be a close Friend of Mr Brian Burges. The Tameside court also refused me to use electronic mail to provide the evidence and force me to use the post mail which is extremely burdensome and time consuming. (The Oldham court had no objection for similar case). I believe so that the district judges of Tameside help intentionally Mr Brian Burges the father in law of the defendant in his strategy to this claim unjudged by profiting by my lack of experience in the procedure. What is the application to have my two cases transferred to another court ?

Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: UK Law