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In June I started a cleaning business by myself as a sole

Customer Question

In June I started a cleaning business by myself as a sole trader, I set up a website, paid for posters and leaflets, put them out and through doors, paid for advertising on gumtree and yellow pages and began gaining clients. From June to October I steadily built up this business to around £400 per week. At this point I needed a staff member to take more clients so I could expand, I offered my friend a job, she turned it down but asked to join as a partner. So I allowed her to as I felt pressured (stupidly). So we filed a business partnership with HMRC and got an office on a 5 year tenancy with a 12 month get out clause, this was all signed on 9th November.
Now only a few weeks later, things have turned sour, she challenges everything I say, shes argumentative and ignorant. I just cant work with her like this. She refuses to allow me to buy solicitor written employment contracts for staff and refuses to adhere to health and safety regulations and turns up to jobs in fashion boots and greasy hair, which looks awful for the business.
I just want rid of her, or to get out myself, I dont know what to do, shes ruining my business. There are no partnership contracts or agreements in place, just what we filed with HMRC. I cant see her leaving the business willingly and I would just walk away and start again if it werent for the tenancy agreement.
What can I do?
I should also say that she has paid half of the deposit on the office a value of £500, which she should get back, and she has split the cost of setting up the office with desks and storage cupboards, plus she paid half of the office signage a value of £180. My contribution to the business is around £2000.
Any help is much appreciated.
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: UK Law
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Also, I lack diplomacy and really dont know what to say to her, if i just went ahead and spoke to her it would be a case of "look this isnt working, i cant work with you, what do you want to do?. That would be what I say, and obviously she would get angry and start screaming and shouting at me like she does for even minor issues. Im totally fine starting again, just rinse and repeat. But what do I do about the tenancy agreement, and how do I get her to leave? Can I dissolve the business without her consent?
Expert:  Stuart J replied 1 year ago.

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