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Ben. I have a couple of question about contracts. last few

Customer Question

Hi Ben. I have a couple of question about contracts. For the last few years me and a group of friends have played in a 6 a side football league. One player as been designated as the responsible person regarding money/fees to be payed to the company that runs the league. Person A was the nominated person for this and signed a contract. Half way through 2014 he gave up the responsibility and player B took over the responsibility for paying the team fees going forward. A couple of questions regarding this. Is player B liable for shortfall of payments before he signed on as the responsible person? Every season you sign a new contract regarding fees for the new season. If no contract is signed by player B, because he has left the team is he liable for payments for future seasons even though no contract has been signed for the subsequent season/seasons? I think player B is only liable for paying the fees when he was the nominated person within the timespan of each contract that was signed. Also after chatting to the company they stated that if a team keeps being entered under the same name in the league even though a contract hasn't been signed by player B, he is liable for all future payments going forward for ever! Surely that can't be right as he hasn't signed a contract for the new season and it's up to the company to get someone else from the team to sign or throw them out of the league. They surely can't just plant the fees at player B's door for all subsequent seasons because someone is entering a team with the same name as player B's former team. I don't know if it is explained very well sorry for that!! Thank you.
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: UK Law
Expert:  Jenny Mackenzie replied 1 year ago.

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