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I was attacked in a club and beaten to the ground by a girl

Customer Question

I was attacked in a club and beaten to the ground by a girl who steamed past me and others and had started a massive fight with everyone in there. I just held my hands around my head and as my glasses were thrown off my head as she punched me in my bad ear, I lied on the ground and started looking for my glasses on the ground. This person proceeded to attack many others. 2 weeks earlier I had received a head and ear injury in pool in Italy and tried as much as I could not to get anyore injuries to my head by covering my head with my hands. While scrambling on the floor for my glasses someone grabbed my hair and smashed my head on the floor. I then became very incoherent and was in shock. As I have 2 children and became very distressed, and I tried to stand and ran past people fighting and straight into a police officer and said that id been attacked, that I was punched in my ear that I had already had problems with my ear and that I wanted that person arrested. They took my details but then arrested me and put me in a cell all night. I told them I was attacked and I had made the complaint. I also said that I was on medication from my head injury and waiting results for epilepsy due a seizure I had a couple of months earlier. They didnt listen and I was put in a cell. I complained that my ear was sore and was ringing due the punch. I was shaking. Eventually they gave me paracetamol. When the first morning call came I explained I wasnt well and that I had been attacked and that I had to get back to my children as I lived just with them. They then gave me bail without interview and allowed me to leave. But I shouldnt have been there as a victim of crime and I am very unhappy. What can I do??
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: UK Law
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
I have to go back on 21st October to a police station in Oxford and I live in Ruislip. I work full time as a mortgage broker live with my 2 children of 8 and 11. I need an explanation to why I was put in a cell when I felt so unwell after being randomly attacked by a complete stranger that started a fight with whole club. I feel as though I have been physically attacked, I couldnt hear or see anything and due to my complaint, the police decided to arrest me while I have 2children and have never caused any problems in my life. I go to church and take my son to football early sats and sundays. This is outrageous. I want and need an explanation. Asap.
Expert:  Jo C. replied 1 year ago.

Are you asking why you were arrested?