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About a month or 2 ago my ex boyfriend contacted me after a

Customer Question

about a month or 2 ago my ex boyfriend contacted me after a fall out with his girlfriend, he told me she had taken all his money and he didn't have a phone etc. I had an old iPhone that I no longer needed so I said to him he could have it and to just give me the money when he had it, he got back with his girlfriend the next day so I asked for my money and he ignored me on many occasions, his girlfriend has said he sells every phone he gets. he agreed to give me the money through the post on a Tuesday, I never received the money and he blocked me on Facebook which was my only way of contacting him. on Thursday I saw him in town so approached him and asked what was going on and he was just saying I would get the money when I got it and he had been busy or whatever other excuses he came out with, we both started raising our voices and I mumbled under my breath 'this boy needs a smack' he then went on to get in my face and flapping his arms about shouting 'hit me then go on hit me I dare you' so in anger I lashed out and went for him, he grabbed my wrist as I hit him and there was no injury, he then pushed me into the gate and called the police on me. I got arrested and only was able to speak to my solicitor after which I was released on bail as there were no officers to interview me. he has appeared in court before for theft and has also gone to prison, I know he has been a drug dealer and a few things he did to me when we were together which I never spoke about. I have to go back to the station on Sunday for my interview and I'm wondering what the chances are of me being charged or this getting dropped? he has made a statement and so did his girlfriend who was there when it happened. I've never been arrested or been in trouble with the police before this
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: UK Law
Expert:  Jo C. replied 2 years ago.

What would you like to know about this please?