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I rent an industrial unit out on a 2 year lease (law

Customer Question

Hello I rent an industrial unit out on a 2 year lease (law society lease) and they are 1 year into the term. The tenant is a limited company but I have just discovered that the company was dissolved on the 16th of June. The council business rates staff informed me of that (I'm guessing that they stopped paying the rates). They are however still in occupancy and all the partners have formed a new company (doing the same thing, kitchens). The tenants themselves have not mentioned it to me and to my knowledge they are unaware that I know. They are still paying the rent to me. However I need to challenge them as I imagine that the lease is now void. Can you inform me of my rights as there are a number of options I may want to consider.... Is the lease void? Do I have the right to evict them and if so how would I go about doing it? And how quick/expensive would that be if they protested? Would I have the right to enter the premises with my own keys in the evening and change the locks immediately? Could I enter the premises at any time? What would happen regarding their property inside the unit? Maybe you consider that I don’t have a problem as long as they are paying the rent? I don’t particularly trust the tenants as I understand that they’ve closed and opened companies once or twice before. I was thinking that maybe I could offer them (demand if they wish to remain in occupation) a 2 month rolling contract which may be to my advantage as I could get them out quickly should I choose to sell the place. Is there anything that I should consider regarding a guarantor on any new lease? (Incidentally one of the directors is a guarantor on the existing lease) The insurance on the building names the company as the occupier, do you know how I would stand in the case of anything happening to the building? FYI the unit rents at £13500 pa (£1125/month) and they actually pay 2 months in advance. Any other advice? I have used this service once before, earlier this year, regarding a customer that went into administration on me. Regards Roger

Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: UK Law