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Jusleen, Solicitor
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My ex bought a house in 2006 and added me to the

Customer Question

Hi there josh, my ex bought a house in 2006 and added me to the mortage....I then had a baby but split with him and moved out a year later and have had no contact what soever for nearly 8 years now (he got married last year and they are still living in the house ) I received a letter from his wife earlier today informing me he has had a stroke and unable to work so therefore can only afford half the mortage I liable?? Obviously I cannot afford this as I've my own bills and rent to pay...please advise leisa.
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: UK Law
Expert:  Jusleen replied 2 years ago.

Hi welcome to Justanswer. As joint owner you are liable for half the mortgage payments. However if you cannot afford this then you would need to consider having your name removed from the property either by transfer or sale. You need to put in writing that you cannot afford to pay the mortgage and if the payments are not affordable to the other party then the house will need to be sold. You need to also make it clear that you will make a referral for mediation. Mediation is a prerequisite of any court application and if mediation is not successful then you can make an application to court for the sale of the property. To find a suitable mediator please go to

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