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My [to be] ex wife and I own our marital home as tenant in

Customer Question

My [to be] ex wife and I own our marital home as tenant in common with 2/5th each, and my father has beneficial interest in 1/5th. We have written to my wife asking for the property to be sold forthwith, so far she has refuse. How do we serve an application [where and what form do we obtain it] to enforce the trust in the court and obtain an order for the house to be sold and all parties receive monies accordingly? How do we word the Application?
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: UK Law
Expert:  Jusleen replied 2 years ago.

Hi welcome to Justanswer. If divorce proceedings have already been started then either one of you can apply for a financial order to deal with the finances. It is a prerequisite of any court application that parties try to resolve matters via mediation. If mediation is unsuccessful then either can apply for a court order. To arrange mediation go to the following site to fjnd a mediator and the link for the court forms and procedure are I hope this assists. Please rate the answer to enable me to be credited for my time. If you are interested in further dialogue I am prepared to continue dialogue with you at no extra charge on this thread. Kind regards Jusleen