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Its a bit complicated, my eldest son was in a term

Customer Question

hi,its a bit complicated, my eldest son was in a long term relationship from which I had 2 grandsons which Ive allways been in contact with, in 2010 my son was given a five yr sentance for wounding with intent (towards his partner) he served 2 and 1/2yrs in this time i allways had access to my 2 grandsons, he then came out on licence met someone else had another child (march 2015) and has been recalled for breach of licence until november 2015, when he will be charged with a section 18 so hes looking at 5/15 yrs, as a result i have now been stopped from seeing my grandsons from his previous relationship, can I apply for a court order
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: UK Law
Expert:  Jusleen replied 2 years ago.

Hi welcome to Justanswer. Yes you can apply for a Child Arrangements Order to see your grandchildren. However as a grandparent you do not have an automatic right to make an application to court. You would need to seek the courts permission. The court will give permission if you have a connection to the children and have contact but that does not mean that contact will be granted. The court would want to know what the mothers views are and why she is withholding contact and the reasons behind. As the mother is not communicating with you it makes it difficult.

Prior to making any application to court in family cases the parties are required to try and resolve issues via mediation. If mediation is not suitable or cooperated with by the parties then an application to court would be made.

You might want to contact the mother telling her you are making a referral to mediation and then she may be inclined to communicate so that you can resolve issues. is the link to find a mediator nearby. If mediation is successful because it assists in an agreement being made then you would not need to go to court.

I hope this assists. Please rate the answer to enable me to be credited for my time. If you are interested in further dialogue I am prepared to continue dialogue with you at no extra charge on this thread.

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