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I have left my place of work, which was a Manager at a

Customer Question

Hi I have left my place of work, which was a Manager at a Boarding Kennels. I gave my notice for several reasons but as soon as I did this, the owner demoted me and gave my position immediately to a 17 year old college girl. She did not tell me this and I found out through hear say. I was going to close the Facebook page down that I opened up for the kennels off my own back, then decided to change it and keep it as my new page but they started phoning all clients and saying negative things about me and lying about me. They are now posting comments on their new FB page. They are putting my good reputation as a dog trainer in the area at risk. Is she breaking any employment laws?
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: UK Law
Expert:  Thomas Judge replied 2 years ago.

If she is writing things on Facebook which are wrong or incorrect and this is harming you professionally then this is a form of defamation. You should contact Facebook to get it removed. You should also write to them (a solicitors letter is always best) putting them on notice that this must stop and that you will seek damages against them. You can also apply to the court for an injunction to stop such action.

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