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A company I am in dispute with has served a claim against me

Customer Question

Hi, A company I am in dispute with has served a claim against me that is dated July 8th but I have only received today. How can I find out the status of the claim and am I too late to file a defence?
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: UK Law
Expert:  Alice H replied 2 years ago.

Is this a claim issued by the County Court Business Centre? Is there anything in the front page that refers to MCOL or Money Claim Online?

Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Hi,No, it's in the multi track I believe. Originally they claimed through MCOL however I didn't receive any notification about that claim and judgement because it was served to an old office address so I was able to get the judgement set aside. Now they have came back and made a much larger amended claim. I've not received anything from the court, just a copy of the claim they have filed.ThanksPeter
Expert:  Alice H replied 2 years ago.

The only way of determining the status of the claim is by contacting the court directly. But the date of issue is not necessarily the date from which the time limit starts; the time limit for replying to the claim form starts after proper service has been taken place. It may be that although the Court issued the claim in early July, the claimant opted to serve the claim form themselves. If that is the case the time limit for lodging your defence will start now rather than one month ago. However, to be absolutely sure about the dates you must speak to court first and that should clarify the position. Alternatively there should be a covering letter or other information in the pack which gives some information about when the time limit starts.