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My name is ***** ***** i was convicted at sourthwark crown

Customer Question

my name is ***** ***** i was convicted at sourthwark crown court for fraud and i want give 2year and 3 month sentence, i have discreuinary leave remin 15 march 2011 and valid unit 15 march 2014, i have live in the uk for 14 years of my life i have no criminal record on my name, and i have 4kids and they are under 18 years old and they are all british citizen and i have automatic deportation to leave uk. all my kids are from differnt mother wish they all spport me and write to the immigration the kids need me and i need them i am in the deention for 4 month over my sentenced any help thay why i am here i need help? my number is ***********

1- reason for deportation

on 30 april 2014 you were convicted at sourthwark crown court for fraud/embezzlement and sentenced to 2 years and 3 month imprisonment. you dod not appeal against the conviction or sentence

2- reasons for removal

you were convicted at sourthwark crown court for fraud/embezzlement

3- brief immigration history

on september 2000 you entered the united kingdom and were granted a 6 month visit visa

on 14 september 2007 you applied as an inmarried partner of british citizen. on 17 december 2008 your leave to remain application was refused and you were srved with is151a.

on 23 november 2010 you applied for leave to remain and you were granted discretionary leave on 15 march 2011 valid 15 march 2014

4- current bbarrier to removal

Judicial review application

5- progress since last review

30 march 2015 - 2 month progress report was faxes for service

6-- this decision has been reached on the basis of the following factors

you have previously absconded or escaped on 06 may 2009 and there is a singificant risk that you would do so again

ans to number 6- i move from liverpool to manchester in 2008 and and i do not see any letter they ask me to come and sign in liverpool that was lie and i ask my baby mother she said no letter from home office ask me to come and sign .

8- you have shown a lack of repect for united kingdom law as evidenced by you conviction for a serious crime

will are 8 people was sentence 6 people is out and i am the only one get low sentence 2years and3 month the rest 3 years and 9 month and rest 4 years plus

9 u have commitled an ffence and there is a significant risk that you will re-offend

i have put it for bail on 25th of march the jude said i need my probation to check my address to see if suit for me to be bail and the probation have check my address now and i am still here what can i do to my immigration case work?

Submitted: 2 years ago via InBrief.
Category: UK Law