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on 11 march 1991 my solicitor lied to me about how benefit deductions were taken from an a

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on 11 march 1991 my solicitor lied to me about how benefit deductions were taken from an award by the motor insurance bureau. I cannot afford a solicitor so wish to represent myself. my evidence has been examined by a firm and they have advised me to ask the SRA for firms with legal aid franchises in my area. however I have been advised that this could result in costs to me which I cannot afford. is the tort of lie dealt with civil or criminal court. contemporaneous evidence exists from a matter ledger of payments made to me in 1991 and three medical reports that I vaguely remember but assumed that they had no significance because another did not advise me as to their contents and also from my diary for 1991
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This would appear to be a claim in negligence and as such it is a civil matter. You may however be able to find a firm who will take this matter on a no win no fee basis, but I am afraid that it is not something in the criminal sphere, but civil.

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