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I have been issued with a NIP and I have responded to it as

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I have been issued with a NIP and I have responded to it as I was the driver who irresponsibily drove at 67mph on a 50mph variable speed limit on the motorway.

A speed awareness course possibly wont be offered to me as I am 3 mph above the requirement however I requested this. Not sure if I did the right thing by asking???

What would be the consequence for me as I am really stressed as I drive for a living.
Currently have 3 points on my licence which were endorsed in 2010.

Someone please advise.


My name isXXXXX and I'm happy to help with your question today.


Please clarify:


-On what date was the first offence for which you received 3 points.

-On what date was the recent offence?

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

the first offence was on 12/10/2010 and i received 3 points endorsed on my licence.


The second offence where the NIP was served to me is dated 23/10/2013 however as I drive a leased car for work, the leasing company notified me of this a week after the offence took place on the 27/09/2013.



OK thanks.

The speed is too high unfortunately for the Speed Awareness Course but there's no harm in asking.

For a speed of 67 mph in a 50 mph zone the penalty is 4 – 6 points OR disqualification for 7 – 28 days. A fine and costs is also payable and is likely to be around the £200 - £300 mark.

Because this offence carries a minimum of 4 points the matter will go to Court. A fixed penalty will not be offered.

Its unlikely the Court will disqualify especially as your job depends on your licence. But they must impose a minimum of 4 points and a fine.


Customer: replied 3 years ago.

ok thanks.


Can I settle out of court for this or do I have to appear in court as I am admitting to the offense?

The police have to lay an information with the Magistrates Court within 6 months of the date of the offence.

If they do this a summons will be issued for the offence of speeding.

The Court will give you the option to plead guilty or not guilty. You can do this by post.

You will have to submit you licence, details of your finances and your plea form. If you plead guilty they will write back to you with details of the fine and number of points endorsed on your licence.

They will only ask you to attend if the Court is thinking of disqualifying you but this is very unlikely in my opinion.

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