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hello there i need some clarification on a subject ...i was

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hello there i need some clarification on a subject ...i was removed from the UK in 2006 because i overstayed my time...i did not need a visa to come to the UK and i still don't. i was removed without my passport because i lost it while i was in the i'm confused as to if i can re enter the UK or not...i'm not a resident of country different from my own..i'm living in this north american country legally now is what i my question is..can i return to the UK now as a visitor or no?

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Have you been barred from returning
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Im sorry i have no idea if i am or was i said before when i was removed i wasnt sent back on my passport travel documents were made for me ...and i do not know if i am barred or nt...when i was interviewed by the immigration officer i told them i wanted to go back home...and i was detained till my daparture date i also told them i had no reason to appeal..i was tired of living that life and i was 17 years old when i overstayed my time as i didnt know how to extend my time i was living with a family at the time and no one helped me so i ended up stayin in the country for 4 years without status...i dont know if i am barred or not...i was removed when i was 21

Customer: replied 3 years ago.
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A key change in the law which will took effect on 1 October 2012, is that a person who has overstayed for no more than 90 days before leaving the UK voluntarily and at his or her own expense will no longer be subject to any re-entry ban. Currently, overstaying for more than 28 days will lead to a re-entry ban of 12 months where the person leaves voluntarily and at his or her own expense.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

I have read that before serveral times online...but doesnt answer my not sure if there is a 1 year ban or 5 year ban or 10 year ban since i was removed....and may i remind u again that i dont need a visa to come to the my main question is there a way to find out how long of a re entry ban there is? indicating again....that i was detained until my removal...that was 7 years im not sure if there is a 5 year re entry ban or a 10 year re entry ban....can i get some clarification on the re entry bans pertaining to my situation ..i just want to know if i can visit or not..thanks

The fact that you were detained until you left the country and you were forcibly removed from the country would imply the ten year ban is in operation. To correctly determine this, you should contact the British Embassy where you are who can confirm categorically the position fro you according to their records.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

i have tried calling the uk embassy where i am now...they keep tellin me that i have to call border services...and that they only do with visa im literally comfused...

No it really is a matter which the UK embassy will have to clarify for you. They will be able to confirm it for you as they will be able to check the specific information on your specific case.
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