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Hello, Please I need your advise. I was shopping at tesco

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Please I need your advise. I was shopping at tesco and not to lie decided not to pay for a lipstick but peeled.(Which I regret so much now as its not worth this worry in me)
I was walking out of the store when one of the security asked me if I have a make up that I've not paid for as they saw me put it in my bag. I gave him without arguing and said I forgot. I ws led to a room and the supervisor came to me. They told me they won't call d police bcos its worth less than 10 pounds but that am banned frm their store for 12 months. They said they will give me a letter and I will see the rules there. One of the men followed me to the till and I paid for the item. He took my name and address and I asked if they will be sending anything but he said no.
Do you think I will receive any letter? Do I have a crimal record now? If a CRb is performed on my name will any of it show? I feel so devasted and ashame of myself. I can't even sleep for the fear police will knock my doo. Please help
Thanks for your question. Please remember to RATE once you get my answer.

I can not say whether they will write to you - but you do not have a criminal record and this will not be listed on CRB or any such place. I would rather think that this is the last you have heard of the matter.

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Customer: replied 3 years ago.

thank you for your reply. can they request a fine frm me after have paid? im also curious if they can ever publish my picture in their store or an advert or stuffs like that

They have no power to fine you - it is common in small theft matters for companies these days to take no further action on a first offence. So I think this will be the last that you hear of it from what you have written above.

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