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We moved into a short term business Tenacy Agreement at a farm

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We moved into a short term business Tenacy Agreement at a farm thirteen years ago. The land and buildings were on a two year contract whilst the farm house was in such poor condition and had actually been condemned that the landlord agreed a cheap rent because of old fashioned wiring and did not want to spend money, was given a five year contract. This all agreed, every two years contracts were signed but nothing became of any new contract for the house. (I presume this just rolled over.

Now the Landlord want to increase the rent of the house (since it has been re decorated, infact we have proberbly spent over £20,000 of our own money). Hw realises now after sending different people round and reports being made, that infact he has now got to re wire the large house if he wants to do this.

My question is have I got any rights what so ever, i.e. how long the electricians work to on a day, how long the job will be, when can the work begin or finish? etc?

Are you looking to delay the works or just prevent them from being carried out at particular times?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Well I dont think i would get away with not having them done at all, but they are not taking the old wiring out just putting new in so I have double of everything, plus the mess and the inconveience i.e not having any privicy for an amount of time that no one seems to care about. Its took them nearly one year just to send someone to look, one out of three electricians have been so far and we are now in Sept. Can they come over Christmas?

You have the right to what is known as “quiet enjoyment” and if the job becomes protracted, then you have the right to compensation.
Rewiring job should you not take longer than one week.
They cannot insist that you allow them to work over Christmas nor can you insist (for example if you were going away over Christmas) that they worked with the same period, unless it suited them.
Does that answer the question? Can I answer any specific points?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Just very quickly, if they stated the job would take two weeks to complete and they found complications that dragged on for alot longer, where would I find the details for quiet enjoyment and to proceed with compansation.? Also who is responsible for all the dust and mess that this is going to entail? Should I take photos before and after? As it states in the original contract that we are responsible for all responable repairs?

They are not responsible for genuinely unforeseen problems.
Yes, take pictures before and after and during.
Quiet enjoyment is enshrined in common law and is implied into every letting agreement. It basically says that the landlord will leave you alone to enjoy the property.
If the mess is untoward, I would get it sorted and ask for the costs back from the landlord.

Depending on wording of original agreement you light be liable for this work so you need to be careful
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