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My question is about immigration.I am on Minister of Religion

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My question is about immigration.I am on Minister of Religion visa. II am applying for ILR.One document needed by UKBA is a bank statement showing my wages paid in by my employer..I am paid by cheque and although the transaction is shown ;the name of my employer does not appear.Will that be an issue.the bank does not have this system in place to show name of cheque issuer.
Also i don.t have sufficient documents to show cohabitation with my wife although I am married for 33 years now.Can I include some utility bills bank staement and swear an affidavit etc
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The fact that you are paid by cheque should not be an issue if you can provide a letter from the employer which confirms the cheques paid. Proof such as bills are evidence of cohabitation. An affidavit would help, but they prepare independent evidence such as bills, etc

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Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Hi Thanks for replying.The bank statement issue is clear.As for the cohabitation I think if you could elaborate that would help.

I got 1/water bill,2/ bank statement,3/tv licence and 4/common tenancy agreement

She got a 1/joint bank account statement,2/gas,electricity bill, 3 wages pay slip with address and 4/ common tenancy agreement

It seems they might look for more joint documents or will the ones I have be sufficient.

Thanks for replying.

The documents which you hold would be suitable documents to prove that you have cohabitated - the older the documents are the better

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