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I have a very badly worded 17 year old Meshur order. (Deliberate

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I have a very badly worded 17 year old Meshur order. (Deliberate mis-spelling). Please call it the "M" order. If my interest is bought out by my ex without the house being sold on the open market, now that the trigger point has been reached, I receive the correct %age as expected in the 90's. If the house is sold on the open market I will receive about £20K less because there is "credit for payments on the mortgage". I asked why that was in the draft consent order and was told "in case of negative equity". Its' a dropped *******. I need technical advice from a Barrister as this is too specialised for a Solicitor. I do not want to agree to a sale as I will be much worse off. Do I have to go through a Solicitor to speak to a a Barrister and why should I just so they can repeat the story and charge me more for doing so?
Thank you for your question
I shall do my best to help you.
I assume that you do not wish to give the full details on this site - so I can reassure you with the information that it is now possible to use a Direct Access Barrister and ask for his or her opinion on the Order and how best to deal with it
You can find a Barrister who deals with Direct Access cases here
I hope that this is of assistance - please ask if you need further details
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