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Hello my name isXXXXX

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Hello my name isXXXXX set up a limited company called Space-track entertainment ltd in 2010 with my business partner, on October 2011 my business partner filled for a termination of appointment of director for myself and with out me knowing he forged my signature and transferred my 50% to his name and now he owns 100% of the company, I know this is fraud and I want to go to the police to report this but my question is what is the minimum and maximum sentence he could receive if found guilty and what will happen to my 50% of the company ? We invested £27,000 each to set the company up in 2010. Thank you for your time x

My name isXXXXX and I am a Solicitor based in London. I'm happy to help with your question today.

How much, including dividends, would you say you have lost as a result of this fraud?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.
Hi, we both put in £27,000 each to start the company. At the time we were using any profits to put back into the company to build it up and therefore no dividends were being paid out at that time.
OK understood.

The courts will use Sentencing Guidelines to determine the sentence.

The fraud sentencing guidelines say that for a fraud involving loss of more than £20,000 but less than £100,000 the sentencing range should be 2 - 6 years imprisonment.

The sentence could increase or decrease depending on whether a guilty plea is entered at an early stage, whether the person has any previous convictions, the amount of planning involved and whether anything has been recovered.

In addition to the real possibility of a prison sentence the courts have power to disqualify the person from being a company director for a maximum of 15 years, order restitution of losses incurred and compensation. Also the shares that were stolen from you can be restored.

Hope this helps.

Customer: replied 3 years ago.
Thank you. I have a copy of my appointment of directorship which is genuinely signed by myself and a copy of the termination of appointment of directorship which has been fraudulently signed and this is clear to see from the comparison of signatures on both documents. Now on the official registers he is stated as the sole owner and director of the company which I believe may show he has had some involvement if not all. I have contacted companies house regarding the forged document and they have stated that they will release this document to the police for fingerprinting. Would that be enough evidence to bring a successful claim? If so would you be interested in taking this case on?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.
Hello Alex, did I need to pay extra for my last question? Or can you reply to my question for the £28 that I have paid? Thank you
Apologies for the delay. I seem to be having connection problems.

There is no need to pay an additional fee - I am happy to help further. But please remember to rate my answers.

Unfortunately I cannot take on cases privately and our communication has to be via this site.

In any event once the police commence an investigation they will conduct the case - if the matter proceeds to court, lawyers from the Crown Prosecution Service will assist you and conduct the hearings - at no extra cost to you.

With regard to the bogus document you mentioned - the fingerprints and handwriting will certainly help your case. But the police need to move quickly. The longer a document is left the more likely it is that the quality of the fingerprints will diminish. Fingerprints are usually caused by biological matter from the skin e.g. sweat and can deteriorate over time.

Hope this helps. Please remember to rate my answer. Happy to discuss further if you require clarification.

Alice H and other UK Law Specialists are ready to help you

I am following up our conversation to see how you got on with the issue. If you need any further help then please let me know - remember I am a qualified UK Solicitor and able to help on most aspects of English Law. I am London based and usually able to respond to your query very quickly.

Alex Hughes