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I live in the uk. We were friends with a police woman and

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I live in the uk. We were friends with a police woman and fell out with her. My boyfriend owed some money to a company 12 years ago and now they have sent him letters. We know she has contacted them and given them this information as she threatened him . Can we do anything?
Can we have the full background please? Thanks
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

We were friends with the police officer and her husband for a while, but then we had a bad fall out. Her husband done some printing work for us and told us he wanted no money, then when the friendship failed he then wanted payment. After threats like "you will be sorry" and "pay us and we go away" it went to small claims court. The judge sent both her husband and mine to a room to discuss the matter but her husband did not wish to discuss. So in court the judge has sent it to proper court as my husband has a good case and more or less told her husband he was stupid.

Since this my husband has received letters from 2 creditors that he owed money to over 10 yrs ago, out of the blue. She kept telling him in court we will get you and you will be sorry.

We go back to court next month, and just wanted a bit of information as to whether or not she was allowed to not only look up personal information on him but contact the people looking for him.

Also i went through something horrendous in my past that people went to prison for i do not want them knowing where i live, so i am scared at the moment and considering going to the police myself.


Kind regards



Thank you. We are getting there.
How long after the painting work did he decide he wanted paying?
Please confirm he is not in the police but he is.
Were the creditors secure order or unsecured, or were they related to a mortgage?
The police have nothing to do with credit so how would they know that your husband owed money to these companies?
It was the policewoman who said that you would be sorry in court presumably. Was this when you were in the side room on your own. How much money are they claiming?
I’m a bit confused as to why you don’t want them knowing where you live because surely, if her husband did some painting work, they know where you live.
Can you please fill in the gaps?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

It was printing work. It was about 4 months after. No he is not in the police just her.

Onr was a credit card and the other was a bill to a shop. It was debt collecting agencies looking for him.

Yes it was outside our house and in a side room. It was about 300.00 they were claiming for.

The issue of not wanting people to know where i am is that a bad crime was committed against me and the men involved sent to prison and i am worried that if she is looking into our backgrounds that she can get hold of this information. Nothing to do with this issue.

Thank you. I would be most surprised if she had accessed the police computer to find out who these debt collection companies were. Indeed, I would be most surprised if the information was on the computer in the first place, because the police just do not get involved with debt collection companies.
In addition, I can tell you that every access to the police computer is logged and if she had logged into the computer then it is easy for whoever is in charge to look at the records of exactly when she logged in and what she looked at. I’m not saying that she hasn’t done it but it would be a severe disciplinary offence if it is true and she would probably be dismissed from the force.
Before making a complaint however you need to be completely certain of the facts and it was her who looked on the police computer, got the information, and contacted the credit companies.
At the moment, you say that you know that she’s contacted them because she threatened him. With respect, that is pure speculation on your part based upon the facts you have given me.

After 10 years, both the credit card company and the shop are out of time for being paid in any event because the Limitation act limits these actions to 6 years.

I’m not saying you are liable for this but in view of the sensitive personal information, particularly in view of the fact that he obviously believes that he is entitled to this money (or he would not have taken you to court) I would probably have just paid up to get rid of them.

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