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Hello, Im an Omani and i got a mult type C visit business

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I'm an Omani and i got a mult type C visit business visa valid for 6 months and i have attended a training course in June 2013 and now i would like to go back to the Uk in August 2013 can i use the same visa that i already have? and if so, what shall i tell the immigration people?

How long have you spent in the UK since being granted the visa?

What would be the purpose of the visit you propose now?

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

in my last visit in June i stayed for 1 week, and this time i shall be going for 2 weeks for tourism


Thanks for your reply.

If the visa has been granted for 6 months then you can travel again to the united kingdom. This is because your visa state "mult", which is the right to enter and re enter the united kingdom multiple times within the length of the visa period.

The flight complication is that you have been granted a business visitor's visa which is for the parkers of coming to the u k to visit for carrying out business time ask. If you were coming to the united kingdom purely for recreational visit purposes then technically you would probably have to apply for a further visitors visa.

However if you can show them that you will take out some sundry business time ask such as the ones outlined on the following page then I would still expect you to be granted entry to united kingdom:

It still very important that you are able to show you will leave the united kingdom before the expiry date of the visa and so therefore you should ensure you have evidence of your return flight details when you travel to enter.

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Kind regards

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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

so if i can't show them that i am going for any of the mentioned business categories in the website that you have mentioned, then i will not be granted entry to the UK for recreational visit? and therefore should apply for visit visa intead?


Technically, yes but only on a very strict interpretation of the rules. It is highly possible in fact that when you enter the united kingdom they might not even ask you went to outline what time you're going to carry out.

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Kind regards

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

sorry i did not get what you are trying to say in your last sentence i think it's a typo.

you said:

"they might not even ask you went to outline what time you're going to carry out."??


Sorry, I was using voice recognition software and did not pick up mistake.

I meant that if you travel on the visa that you have it possible that might not even ask you questions when you enter. I might not even ask you to outline to them the business tasks that you wish to carry out during your visit

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