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Max Lowry
Max Lowry, Advocate
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I have recently had to have an enhanced CRB for a position

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I have recently had to have an enhanced CRB for a position working with vulnerable adults in the community as a floating support worker. I now received a letter from the police and they have informed me that there is information that they are considering disclosing. The information relates to an allegation of rape in 1999 against a man with cerebral palsy.

The allegation was completely false but I was cautioned and questioned by the police. The man made the allegation as I refused to continue a friendship with him as I felt his behaviour was becoming inappropriate.
In the police statement they state it was alleged. No further action was taken as when I explained my version of events they felt there was no action to be taken. I did not think anything further of the matter and I am very shocked to find it coming up on a police computer 15 years later.
I was not convicted of any crime or even cautioned and the police did not feel that there was any evidence at the time to proceed.
I can provide the full statement if you require it.
Can I get this removed or challenge? I note from previous advice that it seems unlikely.
The irony of the situation is that in the last 15 years I have worked for SCOPE the CP charity and I have also worked in a hostel providing support to vulnerable clients.
This could kill my career and it did not happen.
Thank you

Max Lowry :

Hi, welcome to Just Answer. I will help you with your question.

Max Lowry :

Unfortunately, there is very little prospect in reality of having the disclosure removed.

Max Lowry :

However, the fact you worked for the last 15 years in a similar situation, working with vulnerable adults, without incident, certainly goes in your favour and the relevance of which should not be under estimated.

Max Lowry :

I'm afraid, in all reality, it is very much likely to be the case of explaining away the contents of the police disclosure rather than preventing them coming out.

Max Lowry :

It is possible to make representations to the police, to the effect that certain information ought to be removed from their computer systems. In reality, it is extremely difficult, impossible in most cases, to succeed in doing that.


Many thanks for your advice, it is pretty much as I thought it would be.

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