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I have residence of my daughter aged 5 after 2 years in court,

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I have residence of my daughter aged 5 after 2 years in court, father has generous contact- every other weekend Friday to Monday and one night mid week. Half of holidays. I have just rescinded a oil intros letter from ex (father) that his girlfriend is pregnant and wants to increase contact. But it's says it will be so girlfriend can spend time with Tilly?? As father at work. They want Friday to Tuesday and 2 nights mid week. Earlier pick us.

Can this go back to court? On these grounds
My daughter is unhappy unsettled and wets bed after visits. Long stays I am not allowed contact with her. He just cuts me out.
I feel I'm being pushed out of my daughters life bit by bit.
Girlfriend is trying to replace me and I'm being alienated.
She has had conversations with my daughter saying she too is her mummy and daughter has 2 mums.
This can't be allowed.
I have made appointment with solicitor Friday at 3pm, but would like your advice or thoughts as to ha a court outcom would be. Please up my mind a rest.
Thank you for your question I shall do my best to assist you
Please try not to worry
Yes your ex can make the application - but that does not mean that it will be successful
Contact is not for the benefit of your ex's girlfriend - it is for your daughter to spend time with her father and it seems that there is not question of that being the reason for the change
You are also correct his partner is not her "mummy" - but there is little point in making a major issue of this as a child can call anyone anything (and often do)
So stay calm. Offer to go to mediation and discuss matters.
Calmly point out that your daughter already shows signs of distress so further changes at this stage - with a new baby in the immediate future is not wise - suggest instead that there is a further meeting after the baby is born to see how matters stand then (no promises just agree to review)
Finally - you are clearly a great mum and there is no question of anyone pushing you out of your daughters life!
I hope that this is of assistance
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