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How does one obtain a harassment order? 1. My daughter is

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How does one obtain a harassment order?
1. My daughter is 29-years-old. I’m her enduring power of attorney (EPA). She has chronic schizophrenia. Her treatment is Clozapine. Her Clozapine treatment is very effective.
2. Clozapine requires a monthly neutropenia blood test.
3. The result of my daughter’s 22nd May 2013 neutropenia blood test, carried out by an NHS Trust, was neutropenia positive (red). Her Clozapine treatment was immediately stopped. Three hours later I obtained a second opinion blood test from a reputable laboratory that serves Wimpole Street and Harley Street doctors. The result was neutropenia negative (green).
4. The Trust’s pharmacy unbelievably refused to accept the lab’s neutropenia negative (green) result, and refused to dispense my daughter’s Clozapine tablets.
5. Without her Clozapine tablets my daughter’s schizophrenia would relapse. Fortunately I had a few spare Clozapine tablets and ensured that her Clozapine treatment continued and thereby prevented her schizophrenia from relapsing.
6. The pharmacy phoned me to ask me to stop giving my daughter Clozapine, and if I continued they would report me to “someone else”.
7. I submitted a formal complaint to the Trust’s complaints dept and the General Pharmaceutical Council about the pharmacists’ conduct.
8. When my wife accompanied my daughter to her 3-monthly psychiatric appointment, on 11th June 2013, the psychiatrist interrogated and intimidated her over the issues of the complaint, on behalf of his colleagues, and appointed a care coordinator for my daughter. I consider the doctor’s attitude and conduct to be witness intimidation and harassment. I reported him to the General medical Council and the Trust’s complaint dept. I await responses.
9. I consider the psychiatrist’s conduct to be harassment and witness intimidation. I would like to apply to the court for a harassment order as I have previously experienced other such situations.

Thank you for your question and welcome to Just Answer. My name is XXXXX XXXXX I will try to help with this.

I am sorry for the delay you have experienced and the fact that I cannot give you any good news.

I can completely see why you find this objectionable but its not harassment and certainly not witness intimidation.

Harassment involves a course of conduct of vexatious contact. This is not vexatious contact there is no harassment.

There is no witness intimidation because nobody is a witness to a criminal offence. I suppose arguably it is an offence that can be committed in relation to other witnesses for instance those who give evidence at the GMC but this isn't intimidation. Its just normal contact.

I'm very sorry that I cannot give you good news.

Can I clarify anything for you?

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