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had fall in supermarket, in jan 2011. suffered injury to right

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had fall in supermarket, in jan 2011. suffered injury to right shoulder, fracture and chip of right elbow. cut to right hand. was off work for 8mths returned to work. had operation on shoulder march 2012, and operation on right elbow removal of broken chip of bone and repair to tendons in October 2012. I.have been unable to work since mobility has got worse now walk with a stick suffer pains in my back and legs and in right shoulder and in right elbow even after having physiotherapy. Had to sell my business as I was unable to manage my business. .
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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Hi Alex

I would like estimate on what level of compensation I could recieve for my injuries



Good Morning

Please bear with me while I look at some figures for you.

However please bear in mind this will be a very general outline - accurate figures can only be given following a full review of the medical evidence and your circumstances.

Good Morning

These figures are intended for general guidance and are from the Judicial Studies Board Guidelines for the Assessment of General Damages in Personal Injury Cases:

1. Shoulder injury: Minor soft tissue injury with recovery within 2 years - range £2,500 up to £4,500. Moderate to serious injury resulting in sensory symptoms and limitation of movement: £4,500 - £10,500. Severe injury resulting in significant disability:up to £26,500.

2. Wrist: where recovery from fracture or soft tissue injury takes longer to heal: £2,500 - £5,500. Where there is some permanent disability, for example, a degree of pain and stiffness then: £6,750 - £13,500. in severe cases where there is permanent disability the amount could rise to £21,500.

The amount of damages is for the personal injury that you've suffered and will be claimed under the heading 'general damages'.

You will also be able to claim for losses and expenses possibly including the loss of business and future income under 'special damages', all of which could be substantial especially if you need care in the future.

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