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hello, what is the UK Law regarding emailing advert campaign?

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what is the UK Law regarding emailing advert campaign? Can I send my offer to various people without asking them for permission? Or would it be called as a spaming? I'm talking about completely strangers, people which email I may find on the Internet on various websites where they publish it and sending them my offer.

The same with the company email? Is it legal to send an offer of my services without ringing them before?
thank you
How many emails would you be sending? Are these targeted?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
it would be one email to each person with the offer of my business. The every single mail would be personalised if I knew name of the recipient.
How many?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
I don't know? a lot I guess.

A lot is relative!

You need to make
sure you do not end up on a blocked email list. More emails you send out, the more
chance you have of that happening. 100 emails, or even 1000 emails is not a lot
but please read my comments later regarding these numbers. The spammers send
out millions.

If your email is
relevant to the person's business, even though they may not want it, they are
less likely to complain. If it is addressed to an individual, they are also
less likely to complain. In an ideal world, only use a database where people
have opted to receive emails in respect of marketing issues.

There are certain
rules whereby your email is less likely to be counted as spam such as having a
subject matter which is not spurious and is relevant to what you want writing
about. Address it to a person personally.

Check your
service provider to see how many emails they allow you to send at once. Some
will block your account if you start to send over a certain limit.

If you send one
email after another to a whole variety of different addresses even though all
the emails are the same, it is most unlikely to be treated as spam as opposed
to sending 100 or 200 at the same second.

You may also have
a problem if you email the same people more than once per month.

You must provide
an unsubscribe link to remove people from your list. Provided you make it as
simple as possible for them to say "no more please" and you provide an email
address which is identifiable and preferably an address and telephone number
for you, it is less likely to be treated as spam.

Those are most
basic rules and should keep you out of trouble and although there is no
specific legislation in the UK, if you comply with the American legislation,
you will not go far wrong. I have this document in my favourites will find most
useful :

Does that answer
the question.? Can I assist any further?

I am happy to
follow up any individual point you make

I am online and
off-line each day and most weekends.

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