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Hi . . Claim Credit Services Limited have cold-called me and

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Hi . . Claim Credit Services Limited have cold-called me and claim that they can have my credit card agreements voided as they were taken out before 2007. This would potentially wipe out £3000 of credit card debt that I have. They are listed on the ministry of justice web-site as a genuine company but could this still be a scam? They want money up front that would be added to the credit card bill and which would then be wiped off if they win. They say they give a money back guarantee if they fail. Sounds to good to be true - what should I do?

Are you still paying off your credit card debts?
Hi there the company appear to be saying you may get off your debt due to some rules that've been around since the Consumer Credit Act 1974 and that were introduced by the Consumer Credit Act 2006, specifically that the credit card agreement must say: 1) the limit of the credit 2) the rate of interest 3) how you are to repay the debt. If your credit agreement was incorrectly drafted it could've made the debt unenforceable. If a correct agreement's been provided since then it's likely that you won't be able to write off the debt. To be honest it's all speculation. They don't know what your agreement contains and they're simply calling you because you had a pre-2007 agreement, hoping that it's incorrect. They'll charge you money just to look at it and even though they offer a moneyback guarantee...well, it's not exactly guaranteed. Read this before you go any further: Good luck
Joanne M, Solicitor
Category: UK Law
Satisfied Customers: 264
Experience: LLB (Hons), LPC
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