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Where can I find a template for a letter of consent (as a temporary

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Where can I find a template for a letter of consent (as a temporary lodger) to a mortgage or what are the essential elements?



Thanks for your question.


You need to contact your lender. They will have a standard form Deed of Postponement/Letter of consent that covers their requirements.

They will send this to you as soon as you request it (free of charge) because they wish for their charge to be protected. Each lender has one.


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I will answer your follow up questions you may have.

Kind regards,


Customer: replied 6 years ago.
I am slightly bemused as I informed my lender from the outset that I have a part-time lodger (confirmed on the pre-printed application form they sent me), but they did not included a standard deed/letter in their reply pack, suggesting that 'legal advice' is a must.

To be quite honest, I feel that although you have replied to my query you have not answered it - I am no further forward. If I had received a template or some clues as to the necessary details to produce a letter then I would willingly pay. I doubt that every lender has different criteria - there must be some standard clauses, options and wording. The real question in my mind is: 'Why is there no template on the 'net?'.

I appreciate that you cannot do something, however llittle, for nothing. What do you suggest?



Can you give me the name of the lender please?


Customer: replied 6 years ago.

It's First Direct and I now have a letter on its way to me.

Do you think your time spent on this amounts to £22? As I said earlier I would have gladly paid that for a template or equivalent advice so that a letter could be written.




I understand that you are reluctant to pay given that it did not take a long time for me to answer your question, but there are not really any standard form letters for this - each lender has their own which they have drafted to ensure that it adequately protected.


They are largely similar, but not using their standard form would put you at risk of breaching your mortgage conditions with your lender. Therefore any expert would have referred you to lender as I did to obtain their specific form or letter/deed, which apparantlely you have done.


If you do not click accept then your money simply stays with the site and I receive no credit whatsoever for taking the time to read and then reply to your question.


If you still have misgivings please let me know.


Kind regards,


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Customer: replied 6 years ago.

One of the rare occasions when the internet has let me down. I will put it down to experience.